Newsletter 7

Hello everyone!

We have finally completed all the details of the Muni Competition. It has been more costly than expected! The Basque Country is surrounded by mountains and spectacular places to practice Muni but due to the high number of participants in this modality for Unicon18 and a lack of “easy” access to the mountains, the first option we had planned had to be modified.

The Muni competition will be held in the town of Beasain. Beasain is located at 42km of Donostia/San Sebastian, with easy access by bus and train from the city. Those who want to train before the downhill competition can easily travel to Beasain. In addition, the Goierri area offers many possibilities to have a good day practicing Muni!

The competition will take place on August 1 (Monday) and the downhill event will be held on Mount Usurbe. This year, thanks to the support of the IUF, we will have an unprecedented ending.  For the Extreme final, competitors will have to make 4 descents, the winner will be best time obtained from the sum of the 4 descents. The Downhill event will be held in the same area where the “Beasain DH” Muni event was held. You can visit its Facebook page “DownHill Beasain”; there you will find different videos of that event. The Unicon18 competition will have some variations on the slopes but the location is the same.

On the day of the event we will have small buses to take the competitors to the slopes. The area is easily accessible from the town.

We have the support of the Town Hall and the residents of Beasain to hold the event in this town, so we believe it will be a good competition!

Also we would like to clarify that the official days for registration at the Unicon will be on Tuesday 26 in the afternoon and Wednesday 27 in the morning, but those who cannot come these days can make their registration at the information point located in Social Area of the Unicon City.

In addition, we would like to announce that Pablo Codes is organizing the “Video Night” at the Unicon18, here we leave the information:

UNICON18 Video Contest

Hello,unicyclist friends!

At Unicon we will host a video contest, everybody is welcome to submit a video even if they are not register as a competitor, the videos shouldn´t last more than 5 minutes and of course they have to be related with unicycling, it does not have to be a video of tricks, animations, documentaries or short stories are welcome as well as long as they are focus around our sport.

The organization will choose which videos will be played on the video night, we are only accepting NEW videos! Those videos must be kept secret until unicon also videos that promotes hate or violence or explicit sexual content will not be acceptable, if we choose to don´t include a particular video in our video night the maker of the video will receive an email from us explaining the situation and giving he/her time to make another appropriate video if they want to.

Also if we receive too many videos we may not have time to play all of them, we hope that this doesn´t have to happen but if so we will select the best ones for the video night.

We want to satisfy as much people as possible, regardless of their riding level so we are going to have 2 prizes, both of them includes a free dinner for the video maker and 4 of their friends on a nice restaurant in San Sebastian.

One prize will go for the best riding, for that prize we will judge the riding as is done in flatland, street, freestyle, trial and muni competitions, we will judge the difficulty of the tricks, the style, the variety and the creativity.

The other prize will go for the best video, we won´t focus on the quality of the riding, we will pay attention to the filming, the editing, the plot (if there is one)and the atmosphere of the video itself.

But if someone makes a very well done video with best tricks too that unicyclist could win BOTH of the prizes!

The idea of the event is to spend a friendly night all of us together watching new unicycles videos on a big scream and have fun together yelling at the most incredible part and hearing how everybody claps at your video. We will try to do our best at judging  which is always a hard job, but we want to remind that the prizes are just to motivate people to participate, we hope to not create a competitive atmosphere and have fun together!

Here is the address to send the videos :

Grab your cameras and get creative!

Thank you very much for your time and see you soon!