Unicon City

The Unicon City is the highlight of Unicon 18. The Anoeta Sports Area offers the possibility of having all the facilities in the same place. Unicycles, unicyclists and spectators will be the key players for 12 days. It will become the city for unicycling lovers and those who want to know about it.

Artistic&Basket House

The main stadium of the Gasca Municipal Sports Complex, with measurements of 44x24m and a capacity for 2,500 spectators, will host all the Freestyle competitions & the Basket A competitions.

During the whole Unicon it will be available for training, workshops, Freestyle&Basket practice.

Artistic House Unicon 18 Anoeta
Hockey House Unicon 18 Anoeta

Hockey House

The Ice Palace "Txuri Urdin" will host Hockey tournaments.

During the whole Unicon it will be available for training, workshops and to practice Hockey.

Track Racing House

The Anoeta Mini Stadium, with a track of 8 lanes and 400m, will host all the Track Racing competitions. The stands have a capacity for 1,500 spectators.

Track Racing House Anoeta Unicon 18
Tryal House Anoeta Unicon 18

Trial House

The Velodrome Anoeta will host all the Trials competitions. With a capacity for 5,500 spectators the Unicon will start there, and in its legendary track we will see the finish of the marathon! During the whole Unicon we will also plan to have there an area for Trial practice.

Unicycle Park

The nerve center of the Unicon18!!! A space covered with a tent that will remain open 24 hours a day throughout the whole Unicon, with an area for Street, one for Flat, a stage for performances, concerts and shows, a bar, a picnic area… the rest of the facilities are within a maximum of 250m.

We have an area reserved for the unicycle stores, where you will find the latest novelties, a repair area, plus many workshops and special offers for the event. These are the stores that we will have: UnaRuota.com and Mad4One, Municycle.com and Unicycle.com. We also provide the following Food Truck: Hanna caravan, Tabe-gozo, La parrilla argentina, La cantina solar, Su piadina.

Unicycle Park Unicon 18 Anoeta

Muni House

The Muni competition will be held in the town of Beasain. Beasain is located at 42km of Donostia/San Sebastian, with easy access by bus and train from the city. Those who want to train before the downhill competition can easily travel to Beasain. In addition, the Goierri area offers many possibilities to have a good day practicing Muni! The competition will take place on August 1 (Monday) and the downhill event will be held on Mount Usurbe. This year, thanks to the support of the IUF, we will have an unprecedented ending. For the Extreme final, competitors will have to make 4 descents, the winner will be best time obtained from the sum of the 4 descents.

Camping Car

We have a parking lot with approximately 50 places and is connected to the Unicon city by a pedestrian walkway in 3 minutes.

It will only be for vans and campers.

Camping Car Unicon 18 Anoeta

This is Unicon City's map:

Unicon 18 Anoeta map

This is a virtual tour to Unicon City: